Continuation on the conflict in Syria.

There has been a two major stories coming out of Syria. Both have the geopolitical affects on the region, one in the long run and one in the short term.

First, which was a bit of a set back for the Syrian government lost control of Palmyra after ISIS had a new round of offensives not only in Syria, but also in Iraq. Since then ISIS/the Daesh has made rather large gains, but are not expected to hold control. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense there are about 4,000 light infantry involved in this renewed ISIS offensive. The general idea is that the Syrian Government, backed by Russian airstrikes will retake Palmyra in a matter of weeks, as they have already tarted their counter attack.

Second, Aleppo is now in the Syrian Government control, which is not only a military victory for Bashar Al-Assad and Russia, but it also comes as a huge political victory for the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance. It’s a huge political victory as it now shows that the war is swinging in Assad’s favor. This comes on the back of the United States farther aiding ‘moderate’ Syrian Rebels.

This has been a point of contest between the Russian Government and The United States Government. America  argues that with these people taking control a democratically elected government, and if Assad stays in power than Syria will continued to be controlled by a single-party authorities and totalitarian style government. The Russians argue that Syria would turn into Libya, with the continuation of the civil war because much of this region is not ready for democracy…  They say if the Free Syrian Army (US and Turkish backed ‘moderate’ rebels) gain control of Syria than you would still have a radical islamic problem.

The Russian Government also argues that it has quelled Islamic terrorism in Chechnya, and made the region better off and safer today than it ever has been. This is true, but Russian military tactics were described as brutal. Both sides have very different expectation on what they want too happen, but with the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance recapturing Aleppo it has given the Syrian Government an advantage in the Syrian Civil War.


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