Worsening relations between America and Russia? It’s not what you think.

In the media you constantly hear a how relations are worsening between the United States and the Russian Federation. The two strongest military powers on the globe at the moment. Just last week Russia released it’s newest nuclear intercontinental Missile nicknamed the “SATAN-2” by NATO. This missile is said to have the capable of outfoxing the NMD (National Missile Defense) and delivering a payload of fifteen warheads, which has the destruction power to take out all of the state of Texas.
This doesn’t look good for US-Russian relations. It may even seem like both countries are reverting back to the Cold War period, with one potential presidential candidate threatening to shoot down Russian jets that fly in Syria, and the Russian president deploying surface to air missiles (S-400s) to Syria to shoot down any American or NATO aircraft.

The truth behind the matter is before every presidential elections tensions increase around the world for many different regions. I’ll explain why Russia is acting the way it is, or at least why I believe it is acting this way. Russia is acting on the idea that it is most likely another Clinton will become president, and Russia had terrible experiences with Bill Clinton for two reasons.

1. Bill Clinton is seen as breaking the 1993 promise to Russia that NATO wouldn’t expand Eastward past East Germany. Now, this is a very controversial subject between Russia and NATO. At first NATO claimed that it never existed until released transcripts said otherwise. Then they said Baker had no right to negotiate that with Yeltsin. Now NATO claims that they never broke the promise because they have not expanded “militarily.” What do they mean by militarily? Military installations. On the other hand Russia claims that Baker made that promise to Yeltsin, and when he said not another inch eastward, they also expected NATO to not add countries East past Germany. But for Russians, this is true to them. Therefore, this is one reason they are afraid of another Clinton. They fear farther encirclement.

2. Bill Clinton said some insanely idiotic things during the Second Chechen War, which to be honest he did quickly walk back on. He said Russia will “Pay a heavy price” for their actions in Chechnya. Of course the Second Chechen War broke off when the the IIPB (Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade) invaded Dagestan. Turns out they were backed by the one and only Al Qaeda and are linked do approximately 100,000 civilian deaths in Dagestan and Chechnya, which Russia fought to end. Granted, Russian troops were extremely brutal during this war, but the civilian death toll is no surprise to most. By saying that, Clinton was perceived as backing Chechen Islamic Extremist, who were responsible for the Beslan School Siege, Moscow Theatre Crisis, and Volgograd Apartment bombings, which ultimately left close to 1,000 Russians dead.

At this point the most likely person to become president is Hillary Clinton, and Russians see this in a negative light. She is seen as being extremely Russophobic and anti-Russian government. She has claimed Putin doesn’t have a sole, called him a dictator, and a few more personal attacks, which make Russians believe they’re about to see a copy of Bill Clinton. Many do believe tensions will continue to rise if she becomes president, but this is highly unlikely. This has happened before, and tensions went back down to normal, such as after the Russo-Georgian war. If she does get elected, there will be some tense moments, but it will probably not go beyond Armed Neutrality, which is what it currently is now, but leaning towards Cold War. This due to the situation in Crimea, Donbass, and Syria.

Russia is simply preparing for the worst case scenario, which is understandable from how Russians see it. The West (NATO countries) see it at flat out aggression, but either way it will probably not boil past this point, and can most likely be expected to die down after the election.


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