Situation in Syria and the refugee crisis.

Currently we’ve seen the international community get more vocal about ISIS actions since the Paris terror attack that left 129 killed, and hundreds injured.  Also the Russian airliner that was bombed, which left over 200 dead, mostly Russian. The French government has made many statements against ISIS, and is now actively partaking in airstrikes in Raqqa (which is the self proclaimed capital of ISIS). Meanwhile the United States and the Russian Federation have stepped up their airstrikes. 

This has lead to a bit more tensions in the region as Russia and the United States/West have very different goals in the region. The United States/most of the West backs the Free Syrian Army, and other moderate rebel groups, while Russia backs it long time ally the Syrian Government. Both sides of this spectrum have a common enemy, which they’ve recognized and that is the Islamic State.

With Syria in a war torn state hundreds of thousands of people are displaced by the fighting in the region. Many of whom are going to Europe. Europe is close and has a many social policies in place, making it one of the best areas for refugees to go to. Sadly, many of these refugees are not vetted, and are coming in by the thousands. Many countries in the Balkans have been overrun to the point where Slovenia along with Hungary have built razor fences on their borders. A very real fear of these EU countries is Islamic extremist coming into the EU, and committing terror attacks against European countries.

This leaves the question, how do we vet all these refugees? Where do they go? Some have proposed a demilitarized zone which would be defended by the United States and it’s allies in the region. Of course, this would mean we would have to put boots on the ground. The other problem to this idea is where would you place the demilitarized zone? Right now there seems to be no good answers on how to deal with the immigrants.

There is an obvious think, which should not be left out. Many of these refugees just want peace. Many of these children having grown up i warn torn regions, many just want  a new life. An escape from the bloodshed of the Syrian Civil War.

The author’s personal opinion:

As the Western countries of the world, who are expected to hold liberty and freedom over all things, and believe all people deserve this. Then isn’t it worth the risk? We can’t claim to be humanitarian as tens of thousands pour into Europe. Sure, Europe needs a better vetting system, but that’s possible. What’s not possible, is sending these people away. European governments can’t just say no.  You will never beat ISIS in straight out conventional war as it is being waged right now, it is almost impossible to stamp out terrorism, as it has shown over and over again. You have to beat ISIS militarily, intellectually, and morally. Airstrikes cannot destroy ISIS. If you wanted to get rid of them militarily it would take hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and many decades invested in the region. Saudi Arabia, and Turkey won’t get involved as long as Iran is supporting Assad. So, how do we solve the issue?   Are we going to sit back, and let the region keep heating up? Or are we going to try and fix it? And be decent humans while we are at it?


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