Russian Airstrikes in Syria.

Recently we’ve seen Russia’s role in Syria pick up from directly arming the Syrian Government to full air-support and limited troops on the ground. The reason behind this is stated anti-terror operations in the region. Their airstrikes have currently targeted ISIS strongholds near Palmyra and other key regions within Syria. The US State Department has claimed Russia is only bombing about 25% of targets of what they say they have. On top of this, the US State Department has claimed Russian airstrikes have carried out attacks on moderate rebel positions. The Russian Defense Ministry has labeled these anti-terror activities, not targeting just one rebel/terrorist faction inside of Syria. Currently Russian troops are stationed on the ground in Syria, but little evidence has been given that shows them in combat roles. From what the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that Russian troops have not engaged in combat, but are actively involved in the training of Syrian combat troops, much like US soldiers inside of Iraq.

There’s also a great deal of misinformation surrounding the airstrikes. Western Media claims Russia has hit civilians, citing a twitter post as a source…. Of course, twitter is always an accurate source. Russia also claiming they’ve only hit ISIS targets, while it’s widely known moderate rebels are targets of the Syrian Government and Russia. Overall, both sides have been responsible for either putting commas in the wrong places, or claiming false information.


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