Ukraine before and after EuroMaidan.

EuroMaidan was  the revolution which took place in Ukraine, and started on November 21st, 2013. This was caused when Yanukovich declining to sign the EU Association treaty. Of course, Yanukovich didn’t sign a border alliance with Belarus and Russia. Ukraine has always been closer to Russia, rather than the EU.  This revolution ended with Yanukovich being ousted by the people of Ukraine, and replaced with a more temporary pro-Western government, which has opted to become closer to the EU. The temporary government was replaced with Petro Poroshenko, who assumed office on June 7th, 2014.

Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) before EuroMaiden was 8UAH to 1USD. Yanukovich got quite pressured from letting it go from 5UAH to 8UAH. Many claimed he was hurting the economy by getting closer with the Russian Federation. After Yanukovich was ousted, and fled to Russia. The UAH fell to 41UAH to 1USD. Since then it’s stabilized to 25UAH to 1USD.

Unemployment, and corruption within employment: Since the value of the UAH plummeted, it’s resulted in companies laying off employees and overall unemployment of Ukraine going up. Some of this due to the result of refugees coming from the war torn regions of the country. During 2013 unemployment in Ukraine has been at it’s lowest. 7.4%-7.5% of the population was unemployed. Since the new Government has been in power it’s gone from 8.6% to 11.3%, and now back down to 10.2% as of January 2015. The switch caused a big dip in unemployment, which now has people looking for jobs constantly. This now gives companies the excuse to hire people for much lower amounts of money, say… 5,000UAH a month. That’s vastly below minimum wage, and it’s not even being enforced.

The rise of the ultra-nationalist party (Правый Сектор): They also were the ones allegedly responsible for the acts of senseless violence in Maiden protest.  Currently you may read nationalist military groups are one of the big proponents of the war against the DPR and LPR.  These nationalist would be the American equivalent of skinheads, and tend to be very anti-Russians. Many even calling for the removal of all Russians from Ukraine. Just recently these nationalist got into brawls against riot forces in Kiev over the constitutional amendment. They were also a big force against the Minsk treaties, which brought some silence on the Ukrainian front before both sides started to shell one another. They’re responsible for the volunteer battalions, which make up a good majority of the fighting force for the Ukrainian army.

Police: The police situation in Ukraine has somewhat improved from corrupt police to untrained recruits. While these men are untrained, they’ve shown heir passion for their work. Giving some hope that the police situation could get better.


One thought on “Ukraine before and after EuroMaidan.

  1. A good concise explanation of the situation. Unfortunately the media twist this and pollute our minds. Ukranie could the the escalation of war the are looking for. It so important the real story gets out the the west is fueling the violence not Russia.


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