Is Russia’s involvement in Syria aggression or protecting its assets?

Recently it has come out that Russia has sent military instructors and hardware to the Syrian Government, and unconfirmed reports on combat troops adding Syrian forces in combat operations. The west claims this is an act of aggression or worrying. Let’s look at some facts?

1. Syria has always had close ties with Russia and the former Soviet Union.

2. It’s had it’s naval base in Tarsus since 1971, and doesn’t want to lose it’s easy access to the Mediterranean.

3. ISIS/ISIL has declared war on Russia, and militants in Chechnya have sworn allegiance to ISIS.

4. Russia has had a long time problem with Islamic Extremism in Chechnya.

5. Russia has stated it’s given hardware and instructors to Syria.

America has even suggested Russia join the other thirty seven country coalition in the fight against ISIS/ISIL. America doesn’t want Russia supporting an regime which uses chemical weapons and has a dictator. Sadly, when it comes to picking your allies in Syria it has become a lesser of the two evil situation, and it’s implied by the Russians that Assad held a much more stable Syria together. He protected religious minorities, such as the christians. So. To the mind of the Russian government, Assad is a lot better choice than Al Nusra or ISIS.

Russia has voiced its support for the Syrian Government since the early days of the conflict. Russia was also the one to work out the chemical weapons deal in Syria, after it was alleged Assad used chemical weapons on his own people to fake an attack from the Syrians. Assad and Russia claim it was a rebel faction using the chemical weapons.


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